Backstreet dance, Cairns

Costume Hire


  • HIRE FEE & SECURITY BOND MUST BE PAID before the costume is handed out. (Please note: No costumes can be handed out at Full Dress Rehearsals – therefore, ensure your costume has been collected at the studio during the Backstreet Dance opening hours.)
  • COSTUME BONDS: If a member has left the studio, costume bonds are held for 6 months in their account. If Backstreet Dance have not received written communication from them (after leaving the studio) within these 6 months, the costume bond is forfeited.
  • A $10-$15 Late Fee will be charged if payment for costume is not made on time.
  • DO NOT IRON or WASH any part of your costume, at anytime (we do this ourselves)
  • PLEASE DO NOT CUT THE LABEL OUT! If irritating cover with a Band-Aid
  • COSTUMES/ ACCESSORIES ARE NOT TO BE ALTERED in any way. Note: Costumes are not tailor made, however we have chosen the closest costume size most suitable for the student. You are therefore most welcome to use safety pins to temporarily adjust the costume for performance.
  • CANCELLATION FEE of $20 will be charged (ie. taken out of your deposit) if you decide to pull out of the production/costume hire after the 3rd week of the dance term.
  • COATHANGERS – If a coathanger is missing upon return, a $3 charge per coathanger will be added to your account. If you return the coathanger by the end of the 1st week of the following term, the charge will be removed.


  • CHECK ALL YOUR ITEMS upon collection. If you find something damaged or missing, Backstreet Dance must be informed immediately. HANG IT UP, OUT OF DIRECT SUNLIGHT.
  • TAKE CARE WITH COSTUME CHANGES, USE A SCARF OVER YOUR HEAD FOR ALL WHITE TOPS! ie. to prevent lipstick stains and foundation smudges on the costume.
  • Underwear MUST be worn underneath leotards.
  • Can use safety pins so your costume fits comfortably (however ensure to take them out afterwards)


Costumes are hired to all students who choose to perform at the end of the term.

End of Term Productions are all about having fun and building confidence.

Costs associated with these Passionate Performances are:

Amount Due:

$35 hire fee & $30 security bond

Payment Deadlines 2024:

3rd week of every dance term

Costume Payments can be paid:

1)  Bank Transfer but only when paying at the same time as your term fees (as a total amount). Bank details HERE

2)  At Reception. Please present your membership card when doing so.

Costumes are handed out one week prior to rehearsals (along with the student’s performing wristband to gain free entry to the Production)

Costume Photo: If you would like to view ALL the costumes for ALL the classes – view the folder inside the studio (on Forms Counter) mid term. You will also receive a copy (a drawing of the whole costume) when you collect your costume, along with makeup and hair tips.)


Costume returned BEFORE deadline:

Please return costume during the costume return dates/time:

2024 Costume Returns:

Term 1:
Mon & Tues 25th & 26th March

Term 2:
Mon & Tues 17th & 18th June

Term 3:
Mon & Tues 9th & 10th September

Term 4:
Mon & Tues 25th & 26th November

Please return costumes in the same condition you received them. This means clothing pieces turned the right way, accessories untied, safety and bobby pins taken out, and all coat hangers inside.

BRING MEMBERSHIP CARD along with your costume if you wish to get your deposit back. NOTE: Your security bond will be refunded to you the same method it was originally paid.

Your security bond will be refunded only if costumes and accessories hired are returned by the agreed date, in the condition as at the time of hire. You have the option of rolling over your deposit into the next term.

If you choose to leave our studio and have not collected your security bond within one dance term, your bond will be forfeited.

Costume returned AFTER deadline:

If you missed the Costume Return Dates, you have 2 options:

  1. If returned dirty during the 1st week of the following term – security bond will be forfeited
  2. If returned dry cleaned during the 1st week of the following term and present it with a dry cleaning receipt – you get to keep your deposit

If your costume is returned after the 1st week of the following term – your deposit is forfeited and you will be given an official warning. If this occurs twice, your enrolment at Backstreet may be cancelled.

Costume not returned at all:

Costumes lost or not returned, will incur a fee of $150 (on top of losing your deposit)

Backstreet Dance will also charge the customer any costs incurred to recover the $150 fee (ie. Debt Collecting Agency fees – approx an additional 25%)

The Police Department will be called up and a stolen item report will be submitted.

Costumes returned in a Damaged condition:

An extra charge will be made for cleaning, repair or replacement if costumes are returned in a damaged or excessively stained condition.

Loss/damage to Backstreet Costume carry bags and coat-hangers will be charged at replacement cost

STAINS: If the costume has a stain that cannot be removed during our normal cleaning process, you may be charged $10 or more for the extra time to remove the stain OR the use of professional services to remove it. eg. foundation, lipstick, smudged food.