backstreet dance, Cairns

cairns festival Parade 2024

2024 date to be advised

Backstreet Dance are excited to enter the 2024 Cairns Festival Grand Parade as STREET PERFORMERS!!!

We have entered the Festival over 8 times now and our mission is the same:

To continue to WOW all of Cairns with our buzzing beaming energy we are so well known for!!


Who can apply:

APPLICATIONS will open june 2024


Before xxxx


Festival Parade Date:

Saturday xxxx approximately 5pm to 7pm

(pending our placement in the Parade)


Rehearsal/Briefing Date:

Upon submitting this form, please be aware that it is compulsory to attend a full dress rehearsal at the studio (including approving of your full costume/outfit) and an important Parent Briefing for the 10-12yo’s

Friday xxxx

4.45pm to 6.00pm -10-12yo rehearse in this time (last 15 mins for the Parent Brief)

5.45pm to 7pm – 13yo to Adults attend a brief at 5.45pm then rehearse

NOTE TO ALL: Bring a filming device to rehearsals if you wish to film the choreo so you can practice before the event.


What is the Cost:

This is a not-for-profit event for Backstreet.

We purely want to give you the opportunity to perform and contribute to the Cairns Community.

We do not charge for the dance rehearsal or the Festival.

The only purchase needed is a Backstreet blue shirt from our dancewear range & purchase your own knee-high white socks (more details below):


Costume Requirement:




 Plain white knee-high socks – and black nikko pen on it big bold positive words and/or affirmations. Eg. Positive People. I am awesome. I am good enough. I am confident. NEVER EVER GIVE UP!!!

Can obtain these from Target, Singapore Charlie’s, online at Shein, department stores.

Wear matching clothes – Eg. black tights/pants. No print or other branded logos on them besides BD. 

Accessorise and make your outfit look like a costume – Must match the Backstreet colourseg. tutus, hats, gloves, etc. Our colours are: BLACK, WHITE, SILVER, AND UNIQUE BACKSTREET BLUE. If unsure of the shade of blue, can text a picture to Deb on 0407 995 182 for approval. Avoid navy blue and pastille blue. Our blue is vibrant and pops!

Wear white / silver / black shoes of any brand or style. Ensure they are comfortable to dance/walk in.

Decorate your face. Must be silver/white/blue/black only. Can use face jewels or face paint.

Minimum Makeup Requirement: Red lips or blue lipstick and eye or cheek makeup – glitter/colour.






IMPORTANT: Please submit this form by xxx


By signing this form, you agree and understand the following expectations set by Backstreet Dance and the Cairns Regional Council:

  • I understand that, if I am a Parent/Guardian of a student aged UNDER 13yo, I am required to attend the compulsory safety briefing on the 26th August
  • I understand the choreography will be beginner level and repetitive to suit the moving Parade.
  • I understand that, as a student, I must attend the compulsory rehearsal. If I don’t turn up, I understand I am NOT allowed to participate in the Festival Parade.
  • I understand that I am responsible for purchasing my own Backstreet Dancewear and white socks with positive affirmations written on them.
  • I must put a lot of love and creative effort into my costume and presentation
  • I understand that whatever items I bring with me on the day of the Festival must be carried on my body. Eg. Mobile phone. Items cannot be given to Teachers. Best to bring disposable drink bottles and throwaway snacks.
  • I understand that if the Festival does not go ahead due to being out of Backstreet Dance's control, that I will still be given my shirt (if I purchase one) and there will be no refund. This is because the shirts are unable to be returned to the supplier for refund. Therefore payment is non-refundable, even if the event is cancelled.
  • I understand that, if I am a student under 13yo, that once the Parade reaches the end of the Esplanade, a Parent/Adult Guardian must meet me IMMEDIATELY at the finishing point (which will be shared closer to the date) and get signed off by the Dance Director, Deborah before going home/being released.
  • I understand that if I am a student of 13yo and over, I do not have to be signed off by the Director at the end of the Parade and am allowed to leave at my own will.
  • I understand that I will be representing Backstreet Dance at the Festival and that I will be on my best behaviour. I will be responsible and respect others around me at all times. I understand that if my behaviour is not appropriate, I can be asked to be removed from the Parade immediately.
  • I will not hold Backstreet Dance (including its staff and volunteers) or the Cairns Regional Council liable for any injuries or loss of property.
  • I understand that I will receive an Acceptance Letter during the week of the 7th August 2023 which will outline:
  • Extra information that the Cairns Regional Council release about our starting and finishing point
  • A reminder that I must come FULLY dressed on Friday 25th August so my costume can be approved
  • I understand that naked flame, spraying/squirting water, throwing objects, consumption of alcoholic beverages, use of glass items is strictly prohibited.
  • I understand that as a Parade participant I must promptly comply with any instructions given by any member of the Cairns Regional Council, the Parade Co-Ordinator (Deborah Storer) and/or other Backstreet staff members/volunteers and abuse is not tolerated.
  • I understand that participating in the Parade is done at my own risk and I must take responsibility for my own personal health and safety.
  • I understand that failure to comply with the Terms and Conditions stated may result in exclusion from participation in the Parade by the Cairns Regional Council and/or Backstreet Dance.

For further Terms and Conditions please visit the Cairns Festival Parade website.

Please complete all details below. Thank you

If UNDER 18yo – BOTH student and a Parent/Guardian must sign:

We look forward to having you as part of the Cairns Festival Parade.