Backstreet dance, Cairns

Health, Safety & Wellbeing

COVID-19 Update (1/1/22)

The wellbeing and health of all people that enter our studio is very important to us and our utmost priority.

Be assured, we are taking extra precautions and following Government advice to protect the health of our students, families and staff that enter our studio with creating and implementing an Industry COVID Safe Plan.

We have extracted this from the RETURN TO DANCE (Principles & Framework for Restarting Dance Activities) by Ausdance (a Government Industry Body for Dance) and also the Dance and Physical Performing Arts (DPPA) INDUSTRY COVID SAFE PLAN.

Communicating this with you is of the highest importance.

Thank you for taking the time to read the following:


Backstreet Dance’s COVID SAFE PLAN as follows:

  • Anyone entering the studio MUST scan the QR Code or enter the code manually which is 317600
  • Anyone aged 16yo & above must show evidence of vaccination to enter the performance venue for our end of term Production  (not required for the studio).
  • All students, staff and family members must NOT attend the dance studio if they are unwell. A Doctor must make decisions about investigations, treatment, and management. A dance student/staff member with a possible respiratory tract infection should refrain from dancing until they have been cleared to do so by a doctor, given the potential for worsening illness.
  • Individuals returning to dance after COVID-19 infection require full medical assessment to resumption of high intensity physical activity to minimise risk.
  • If an individual is being tested for COVID-19:
    • They must immediately self-isolate and discontinue training/dancing until COVID-19 has been excluded and they have been medically cleared by a doctor to return to the training environment
    • Isolation of close contacts will be a decision for medical staff, based on case specific detail

    Implement Good Hygiene as follows:

  • Sanitise hands upon entering and exiting the studio and anytime hands have touched the floor and anytime have had close contact with a dance student in class. (Please note that the INDUSTRY COVID SAFE PLAN outlines that contact is permittable in a dance class)
  • Thorough handwashing after eating/attending the toilet
  • Covering mouth and nose with a tissue or sleeve during coughing/sneezing
  • No sharing of drink bottles and towels, etc. Do not congregate at the drink bottle station when having a drink in class
  • Sanitise your hands after using props.
  • Dispose of tissues hygienically


Implement Social Distancing as follows:


  • Note: INDUSTRY COVID SAFE PLAN outlines that contact is permittable in a dance class for dance activities.

Studio Hygiene and Staff Cleaning Protocols

  • Increased cleaning procedures (following a detailed COVID Safe cleaning checklist) as follows: Wiping down and sanitizing all door handles, faucets, audio playback devices, keyboards, water bottle stations, waiting area chairs, stair railings, reception, benches, and anything else the we observe people touching, before and after every class.

Safety of Students EXITING the studio

For the safety of students leaving after class we advise the following:

– Parents can come into the studio, but if you are dropping and going – please meet your child inside the waiting area in our studio and avoid sending children outside into the carpark by themselves due to many moving cars.

– Students that drive (teens/adults): Please avoid sitting in your car by yourself, especially at night time.  Ensure someone walks with you and if no one is available, ask Reception/Manager to have someone walk out with you. ie. Jeff or Deb or a Teacher.

For other safety measures, please read our – OUR POLICIES.


Government Updates


For the latest advice and information, please go to

For health enquires, please utilise the Australian Government Department of Health Coronavirus Information Line on 1800 020 080  or the health direct hotline 1800 022 222.

What happens if there is another Lockdown?

If classes are cancelled due to Government directive, Backstreet Dance will either:

1) move classes to online


2) offer extra in-studio classes (to make up for missed classes) when it is safe to do so.


3) offer a discount voucher to be used for future classes/term fees, etc

This will all depend on WHEN the lockdown/government directive is given  and will depend on the duration of the lockdown.