Backstreet dance, Cairns

Performance Expectations

 Check out this video to gain an insight into our fun end of term productions: CLICK HERE

All Backstreet performers must abide by these expectations or may be refused to perform.

Performance Philosophy: Have fun. A positive experience. Express yourself in front of a supportive audience.

Definition of a Performer: Performer refers to any performer on stage whether female, male or otherwise.

Makeup: All performers must wear some type of face decoration. Ie. Glitter, eyeshadow, diamonties, face paint. They must wear it to the rehearsals to gain approval. All female students must wear red lipstick and something on their eyes/cheeks to accentuate their features. If using foundation, must only use water-based foundation. Boys – if need ideas, please ask.

Costumes: Not handed out unless paid for. All performers must wear the costume allocated to them including any headwear i.e.headband as specified on the costume drawing. Costumes are only to be worn at rehearsals & the Production & not for private use and must be returned according to the Costume Conditions.

Safety Pins and bobby pins: May be used to create a more secure and comfortable fit. They must be removed from the costume before returning them to the studio.

Hair: Must be out of the face when performing. Must wear in accordance to the direction on the costume newsletter. If it says: ‘wear hair in any creative funky style’, create any hair style that is presentable for the stage. Effort must be put into the presentation. •

Shoes: All performers must wear the correct shoes for their dance style to rehearsals and the Production. This information can be found on our website.

Performers Wristbands: All performers are required to wear their wristband (found stapled to the newsletter at the bottom of the costume bag). If a performer forgets to bring/wear the wristband to the performance, the Parent/Guardian/Carer/Adult student is required to sign a register which states that if the wristband is NOT returned to Costume Returns along with the replacement wristband, a charge of $20 will be made to the students account.

Filming: Is not permitted at rehearsals or the Production. We will be filming the Production and all performers’ families will receive a copy of the footage via a text message / dropbox link.  

Photography: Only permitted at rehearsals when the Teacher makes an announcement. If you wish NOT to be included in the group photo, please inform Deb via email at least 2 weeks in advance and make note to remove your child from the group photo. Parents can also take photos in front of the Backstreet banner (controlled photo zone area at the back of the venue).  No photography permitted whatsover at Productions. 

Absences: All absences must be communicated to the Backstreet Mobile Phone 0407 995 182 asap.

Rehearsals: Attendance is compulsory unless the performer is sick or on school camp or another important event. This must be communicated in advance where possible. If new to performing, and unable to attend rehearsals, a stage orientation must be organised before the Production.

Tickets: Tickets must be brought to the show (for everyone except performers). If you have forgotten tickets or lost them, you will be required to purchase another. If unable to attend: No refunds; No exchanges; No credits given.

Behaviour: If anyone is not acting in a positive and friendly manner, they may be pulled aside or asked to leave the venue. Verbal or physical abuse to any staff member or volunteer will not be tolerated. If the behaviour persists after a warning, you may be asked to leave.