Backstreet dance, Cairns

Performance Shoes

If performing in our end of term Productions, the following is compulsory:

Jazz/Funk and Jazz classes

Plain black jazz shoes.

We sell the following shoes at our studio:

Jazz slip ons plain black for $69

Ask Reception for advice on shoes.

Contemporary and Ballet/Contemporary classes

Tan contemporary Shoes and tan knee pads

Tiny Tots 3-4yo – pink ballet shoes are only required

Ballet shoes are $30
Contemporary shoes are $44
Tan knee pads are $29
Knee pads (protection for knees due to high amount of floor work in this style of dance),

If prefer – can get your own tan jazz shoes as an option

Hip Hop classes

100% PLAIN WHITE soft covered sneaker/sandshoe or high tops (of any style or brand). Can source from department stores like BIG W, or spendless shoes. 

Shoes must be clean for performances. 


Heels class

Plain black ankle high boots of any style – preferably thin heels.

No colour

Can have silver/gold decorations.
Any style. See photo to the right.

Ensure they do not scratch the floor.

Heels can be purchased locally but most students buy them online at stores like Shein and Light In A Box. 


Teen Jazz (Advanced) & Adult Jazz/Funk (Advanced)

Advanced Jazz dancers require black jazz shoes.

Black character shoes are optional and can be worn for some performances (depending on the song chosen for that term). Your Teacher will make an announcement at beginning of term if this is the case.