Backstreet dance, Cairns

Tips to Improve your Technique

Improving your technique is important when it comes to your growth as a dancer and also allows you to look extra amazing when performing on stage at the end of term productions. 

Here are some tips to keep in mind whilst dancing:

  1. Go back to the basics, it can never hurt to go back to the foundations of your style. Surprisingly enough the basics are extremely important even in complex moves. These basics can be pointed toes for jazz and contemporary and bending your legs/bouncing for hip hop. 
  2. Reparation, reparation is a massive thing when it comes to improving your technique in each style. By doing the same move over and over again, it allows your brain to focus on what you can improve. 
  1. Set yourself a goal when it comes to your technique. For example, what do you want your pirouettes to look like? A benefit of setting yourself goals like this, is you also visualize how you want your moves to look. With this clarity, you can now work to be the best dancer you can be. 
  1. Challenge yourself, it is always good to challenge yourself at times. When challenging yourself you are putting yourself outside of your comfort zone, this is when you push yourself to be the best you can.