Backstreet dance, Cairns

Why do we dance? Why should we dance?

According to the Australian official guidelines we should be striving towards 60 minutes of exercise (per week), to decrease chances of illness and motivate a positive mindset. 

Dance is a  great option for anyone looking to grow and develop new skills. A Backstreet Dance class is an encouraging safe environment for students to participate in. With classes on average spanning  an hour and catering  for every skill level,   adding a weekly class is a  great way to develop a schedule. However, there are many other outstanding benefits Backstreet Dance has taught me as a willing student that are transferable to all walks of life including;  

·         Offering a creative outlet to reduce stress

·         Increasing self-esteem and confidence

·         Improvement in time-management

·         Communication  and teamwork

·         Building social skills and family

·         Body confidence  and gratitude

·         DANCE GROOVES, of course!

All of these skills listed above have moulded my personal growth. Dancing in an uplifting and encouraging environment that has allowed me to strengthen these skills independently through fun activities and enriching workshops. I love coming to dance and knowing it is preparing me for my future while keeping me in shape and being so much FUN!