Backstreet dance, Cairns

Work Experience

    • Make a difference in other people’s lives
    • Build confidence and empowerment
    • Develop leadership skills
    • Receive loads of personal and professional development
    • Gain ability to adapt to situations and think on your feet
    • Gain effective communication skills
    • Receive compulsory training and a handbook
    • Have the opportunity to perform on stage with your students (if approved).
    1. Dance at Backstreet for at least 6 months
    2. Minimum age is 12 years old
    3. You MUST be very confident in your own dancing – because students look up to you!!
    4. Intermediate to advanced level of dance skill/ability
    5. Love of children
    6. Not have any visible tattoos or multiple piercings
    7. A positive attitude
    8. Responsible and Punctual
    9. Maturity (professional)
    10. Willing to learn and take direction from your Teacher/Director
    11. Be willing to interact with your students before, during and after class
    12. Personal pride in your own appearance (remember you are a role model for these children)
    13. Commitment to your allocated class – every week where possible
    14. Commitment to attend compulsory training sessions and meetings with the Director

NOTE: You will only be allocated a class that you have experience in eg. If you learn jazz, you will only be allocated a jazz class. If you learn hip hop, you will only be allocated a hip hop class. If you have experience in all styles, you could be allocated any class you choose.

  1. Complete the Application Form and submit BEFORE Term starts.
  2. Receive news if you have secured a spot as a Student Teacher – week 1.
  3. Receive your Work Experience Agreement and name badges- week 1.
  4. Return your signed Agreement and your Quiz.
  5. Attend Compulsory Training.
  6. Start your Work Experience as outlined in your Agreement and on this web page (dates are listed on this page)


    • outlining 3 areas you did great at
    • outlining an area you could work on for next time
    • Professionalism (inside and outside the studio)
    • Representing Backstreet
    • Being a positive role model
    • Dance Safety
    • Building confidence in yourself
    • Building confidence in your students
    • Basic Discipline and Behaviour Strategies
    • The importance of line up before class and how to do so
    • Connecting with students and Parents


Applications for Term 2, 2024 are NOW CLOSED!

NOTE: Applications work on a FIRST IN BEST DRESSED basis, yet sometimes we love to share the opportunity around to those who have not had the chance to experience being a Student Teacher yet.

NOTE: Application Forms are due in BEFORE term starts.


(all are compulsory if you are applying)

Week of 15th April. Receive a text of your acceptance. Receive an info pack in class.


Week of 6th May:  Observe your class

– start the week before if you know you will be away for one week during the term. Please text Deb if this is the case.


Saturday 11th May: Compulsory Training (more info below) 


Week of 13th May – Get involved in the class


Week of 20th May – in the class


Week of 27th May – in the class & Performance Approval


Week of 3rd June– in the class (Party Week)


Week of 10th June (plus Sun 9th June) – Full Dress Rehearsals


SUNDAY 16th June – Production Day


Monday – Tuesday 25th & 26th March – Costume Returns



MORE DETAILS about each week is listed below.


Selected Student Teachers for Term 2 are as follows:

 1A – Tuesday Tiny Tots Hip Hop 3-4yo  –  Poppy Donnelly

1B – Tuesday Prejunior Hip Hop 5-6yo – Poppy Donnelly

1C – Tuesday Junior Hip Hop 7-9yo – Isla Brennan (full term)

1E – Wednesday Prejunior Jazz/Funk 5-6yo – Losana Sewele

1F – Wednesday Junior Jazz/Funk 7-9yo – Lisa Morse

1G – Wednesday Junior Hip Hop 7-9yo – Jakayla Anderson

1J – Thursday Tiny Tots Ballet/Contemporary 3-4yo – Makayla Hughes

1K – Thursday Prejunior Ballet/Contemporary 5-6yo – Miley Stokes

1L – Thursday Junior Ballet/Contemporary 7-9yo – Tyra Hollis (full term)

1O – Saturday Tiny Tots Jazz/Funk 3-4yo – Isabella Brand

1P – Saturday Prejunior Jazz/Funk 5-6yo – Emily Tamburin

1Q – Saturday Junior Jazz/Funk 7-9yo – Tyra Hollis (full term)

1R – Saturday Hip Hop 7-9yo – Gemma Schafer

1S – Saturday Prejunior Hip Hop 5-6yo – Taleisha Bach


 COMPULSORY Training Session:

Saturday 11th May from 12.15pm to 1.30pm with Miss Sammy & Miss Deb

– Student Teachers may be split into different rooms pending your experience.

– Wear: Backstreet Uniform (so we can approve) & wear your Badges & dance shoes

– Bring: Pen and prepare some questions to ask, Agreement/Quiz if haven’t handed in already



Class Observation:

Week of 6th May (you will be required to observe your allocated class and complete an observation form).

  • Bring a pen and the OBSERVATION FORM that is in your WORK EXPERIENCE PACK.
  • You will be given a chair to sit on near the Teachers station so you can observe the class.
  • Observe and write notes about what the Assistant & Teacher does; strategies; how things are said and done, etc
  • You are welcome to watch more classes if you choose, but must choose classes 3-9yo.



Class Choreography Dropbox Link:

You can access this on the CLASS CHOREO page of our website by the end of Observation Week.  his is so you are familiar with the choreo and can learn and practice it at home. Knowing the choreography is important as your students rely on you.



In Class Assisting:

Start Week of 13th May for 4 weeks (arrive 30 mins prior to your allocated class and leave 15-20 mins after your class has finished/handed in checklist BEFORE you leave)



Performance Approval:

Dates & Times for Term 2

(please text 0407 995 182 your preferred date/time by 5pm on Monday 27th May):



Miss Deb’s Student Teachers can choose either:

 Thursday 30th May at 3.30pm 


Friday 31st May at 3.30pm or 6.30pm 


Miss Brookes Student Teachers can choose either:

 Wednesday 29th May at 7.30pm 


Thursday 30th May at 7.15pm


Saturday 1st June at 12.45pm


If you pass the performance approval, you will receive a newsletter outlining what to expect at rehearsals and the Production.

When you are with the Teacher for this one on one meeting – this is also a great chance to ask any specific questions you may have. Use your time wisely as one on one with the Teacher is hard to come by. Value the time.



Week of 10th June

– Refer to the rehearsal schedule online – released in approx Week 3-4 of term


End of Term Performance:

SUNDAY 16th June

View the Production schedule when released.


Costume Returns

Return your Student Teacher costume along with Name Badges on the Monday or Tuesday after the Production between 1pm and 6.30pm.