Backstreet dance, Cairns

Production Schedule

Sunday 16th june 2024



Production Info

Why perform?

It is our philosophy to provide students with the opportunity to dance on stage not just once a year, but every single term. It has been proven that short term goals improve confidence, keep enthusiasm at a continual high and provide a regular sense of achievement.

Check out this video to gain an insight into our fun end of term productions: CLICK HERE

Where are the Productions held?

We hold all our productions at private venues, such as school halls that provide staging, aircon, lighting, comfortable seating, convenient amenities, etc. Eg. Edge Hill state School

Who can perform?

ALL students are strongly encouraged to perform as it greatly benefits their confidence, however, there is no pressure to do so.

Is it compulsory?

Absolutely not. However, because the performances are so beneficial to self-esteem and having fun – 99% of students decide to perform every term. Students need something to look forward to – performances give you motivation to attend dance classes with enthusiasm. Everyone needs a reason to do something – performances are a perfect reason to practice dance

What if I choose not to perform?

If you choose NOT to participate in the end of term production for whatever reason, students will still be included in all classroom activities and given a “pretend” stage position. However you MUST inform Reception by the 3rd week of the term due to choreographing and costuming purposes, otherwise we assume your decision is a ‘no’.  Pulling out at the last minute is not acceptable – it can affect the confidence of the rest of the class. Therefore please check your diary to determine your availability for the compulsory full dress rehearsals and the production date.  If a student misses 3 classes or more within a term – the student will not be permitted to perform (refer to ABSENCES section).

Note: If you choose NOT to perform – you are not expected to hire a costume and not permitted to attend rehearsals (due to its potential affect on others and their stage positions on stage.) Non-performers receive their Certificate of Achievement/Trophy during the last week of classes at the Studio.

When are they held?

You can find all the Term Production Dates HERE

Show & Ticket Info

Term 2 Performance Date:  Sunday 16th June 2024

Venue:  Edge Hill State School Performing Arts Centre, Pease Street, Edge Hill

3 Showtimes:  12noon;   2pm;   4pm

(Duration:   approx. 1 hour per show)


  • Each class is allocated to one show.
  • Scroll below for the schedule.
  • Ticket prices are $15 per person per show if bought BEFORE Production Day or $20 if bought on Production Day (cash only).
  • Tickets available to purchase at Reception two weeks prior to rehearsals
  • Accept cash only at rehearsals.
  • 3yo and under are free if sitting on Parents lap.
  • Performing Students are free when they present their wristband (found in the bottom of your costume bag) to the ushers at the front door on the day.
  • Half price discount on show tickets applies to those who perform in more than one show and for immediate family members (2 or more in a family) who are performing in different shows. Must show membership card at reception to receive the discount.
  • Show tickets are non-refundable. No transfers given. No credits given.
  • On Production Day, if you arrive when the show has already started – there is no guarantee that we can seat your family together. Therefore best to arrive early and well before the show starts. 
  • Doors open 30 mins prior to each show.
  • All performers – Go backstage 3 songs before your dance to line up.If in the 1st or 2nd act – go backstage 10 mins before start of show!
  • Parents of 3 to 6yo – Must take their child backstage and ensure your child meets up with the Assistant Teacher before leaving them & must ensure to meet your child backstage immediately after their dance.
12noon show

1   Sat (1P) Prejunior Jazz/Funk 5-6yo

“Muppet Show Remix”       


2   Sat (1S) Prejunior Hip Hop 5-6yo


3   Student Showcase: Solo

Imogen Adcock: “Brave”

4   Tues (1C) Junior Hip Hop 7-9yo

 “Keep Your Head Up”

5   Thurs (2N) Teen/Adult Contemporary Advanced 13yo+


6   Teacher & Student Showcase: DUO

Miss Deb & Allyssa Hembrow:  “Run the World Remix”

7   Thurs (2K) Preteen Hip Hop 9-12yo

Lil Boo Thang”

8  Thurs (2M) Adult Hip Hop Beg/Int

“High Horse”

9   Teacher & Student Showcase: TRIO

Miss Amelie, Gemma Schafer & Faith Krall: “AM to PM”

10  Sat (1Q) Junior Jazz/Funk 7-9yo

“Survivor/I Will Survive”

11   Sat (2P) Preteen Commercial Jazz 9-12yo



12   Tues (2D) Adult Jazz/Funk Advanced

Hit the Road Jack Remix”

13  Tues (1A) Tiny Tots Hip Hop 3-4yo


14  Teacher Showcase: SOLO

Miss Amelie: “Feeling Good”

15  Tues (2A) Teen Urban Hip Hop Advanced 13yo+

Bounce Remix”

2pm show

1   Tues (2B) Teen Commercial Hip Hop Advanced 13yo+

“Blow (Cirkut Remix)”


2   Wed (1G) Junior Hip Hop 7-9yo



3  Thurs (2L) Preteen Jazz/Funk 9-12yo

I Ain’t Worried”


4  Teacher & Student Showcase: DUO

Miss Deb & Maniah-Jean Allum: “Me Too”


5  Sat (2O) Preteen Hip Hop 9-12yo

“Wear em Out”


6  Sat (1O) Tiny Tots Jazz/Funk 3-4yo

“I Just Can’t Wait to be King”


7  Tues (1B) Prejunior Hip Hop 5-6yo

“Catchy Song”


8  Thurs (1L) Junior Ballet/Contemporary 7-9yo

“Moments to Memories”


9  Wed (2H) Adult Jazz/Funk Intermediate

“Money Money Money”


10  Sat (2Q) Preteen Broadway Jazz 9-12yo

“Ease on Down the Road”


11  Teacher & Student Showcase: DUO

Miss Amelie & Imogen Adcock: “Way Down We Go”


12  Wed (1H) Teen Jazz/Funk Beg/Int 13yo+

Really Don’t Care”


13  Thurs (1K) Prejunior Ballet/Contemporary 5-6yo

“When Will My Life Begin”


14  Teacher Showcase: DUO

Miss Sammy & Miss Deb:  “Fancy Footwork”


15  Tues (2C) Adult Hip Hop Advanced

Ice Ice Baby”

4pm show

1   Wed (2I) Teen/Adult Heels 16yo+

“Dangerous (Immortal Version)”


2   Thurs (2J) Teen Hip Hop 12-15yo



3   Tues (1D) Preteen Hip Hop 9-12yo

Super Mario Remix”


4   Teacher & Student Showcase: DUO

Miss Amelie & Lilika Ohta: “Exes”


5   Thurs (1M) Preteen Ballet/Contemporary 9-12yo



6   Wed (1E) Prejunior Jazz/Funk 5-6yo



7   Thurs (1J) Tiny Tots Ballet/Contemporary 3-4yo

Cover me in Sunshine”


8   Teacher & Student Showcase: DUO

Miss Amelie & Ashlee Corbett: “Wings”


9   Sat (1R) Junior Hip Hop 7-9yo

“Eat Sleep Rave Repeat”


10  Teacher Showcase: SOLO

Miss Deb:  “Astronaut in the Ocean”


11   Wed (1F) Junior Jazz/Funk 7-9yo



12  Teacher & Student Showcase: DUO

Miss Amelie & Holly Lambert: “The Boy Does Nothing


13, 14 & 15


Wednesday Classes:

2E – Preteen Jazz/Funk 9-12yo

2F – Teen Jazz Advanced 13yo+

2G – Adult Jazz/Funk Beginner

Download the PDF here:  released mid term